Friday, August 20, 2010

Changing Format

It’s been fun, but now I realize there’s no shame in saying that I’ve run out of topics to write about that I am very knowledgeable about. There are still things I know about writing, and I will still write about those things, but I have now discovered, conclusively, that I am not a font of writing wisdom :P

Instead, I want to move in a new direction and do something that will be fun. Don’t get me wrong, the advice was fun, (because of the story-telling that went along with it). But now I think I’m going to move into a different realm.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. I know for sure that I am going to switch to simply weekly blogs instead of bi-weekly, because I keep missing Wednesday with my hectic schedule (going to college in the spring doesn’t make any of this easier).

One of the biggest things happening to me right now is a changing relationship to writing. It’s true that I have been very busy this month, but I also haven’t been thinking about writing in the same way. For a long time I’ve been very active in pushing forward, but not I feel that I have lost the sense of urgency.

In some ways, it’s good to feel calmer about the whole situation and more laid back in general. But, at the same time, I feel it’s time to re-evaluate. I’m still an artist, I still have a writer’s mind. What am I going to do about those facts though? I’m for sure finishing my novel, and I will probably write more, but everything feels different. Again, there’s a loss of urgency.

It’s probably a good thing. I just want to write beautiful literary things and interesting steam punk/fantasy things, and I want it to be easy and fun. Which it has been. I think that all I need to do is really carve out that writing time and make it permanent. Before I had so few things going on I could work writing around my outings. Now writing gets stashed but I never come back to it. Resolution time, I think. :P

That’s all for now! Next weekend I will write something fun. Maybe it will be novel progress, maybe it will be a journal-y type thing, maybe it will be something about the craft I’ve been pondering.

Until next time. :)


Josie said...

"I have now discovered, conclusively, that I am not a font of writing wisdom" - I giggled. You are a bit, with your writing books. (I discovered Flannery O'Connor's short stories recently, they're awesome. I still haven't read her book on writing that you recommended though *fail*).

I'm glad you feel less urgent about all this writing business. And not because I don't think you should keep going but because it's going to take a really long time to get to where you want to be and I wouldn't want you to have a heart attack before you got there. :)

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