Sunday, February 13, 2011


Oh hey, Blog.

Don't you love it when I have nothing revelant about writing to say? :P Yeah I'm just sad, I haven't been writing much, I'm sad about that too, mainly I'm just sad sad, which doesn't help anyone.

I've been thinking about Skins. In the first 4 series the characters were all extremely hedonistic and such. Now, in series 5, they're suddenly all outcasts and their stories all have morals. It's an interesting change in direction, first of all, but I also find it interesting to compare how it changes the investment of the viewer.

For example, the hedonistic characters were somehow intriguing despite their self-destructive spirals. I think they were interesting because the viewer was always waiting to see if they would become self-aware of the cycles they were in and if they would decide to change or continue on despite the cyclical nature and the impossibility of finding any true resolution or solace. The characters were stuck: feel bad, party until they were numb, repeat. Their lives disintegrated around them and it was interesting to see what they chose to do something about and what they blatantly ignored (relationships, school).

I wish there was a way to talk to famous/published authors about their process. How do they write every day (do they write every day)? Do they get bored? If yes, what do they do about it? Do they feel uninspired?

In other words, are they really human? :P

Anyway that's all I've got for now. Lack of writing in my life = lack of stuff to blog about. Le sigh. I should really get on that. :)


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